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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Christians Overcoming Cancer founded?

COC was founded in October, 2006 as a result of the personal experience of founder, Mary Jenkins. While in active treatment for Stage III breast cancer, Ms. Jenkins needed financial assistance with paying her bills. Unable to find what she needed, she founded COC to ensure that other individuals did not experience the kind of financial hardships that she did.

Who does Christians Overcoming Cancer serve?

COC serves anyone in active treatment having a financial need as long as there are program funds available. We serve adults going through active treatment and families that have a child or children going through active treatment. Services are provided with respect, compassion and are available to all while going through active treatment.

What services does Christians Overcoming Cancer offer?

COC offers emotional support and financial relief services through our We Care and Dollars Allocated To Assist (DATA) programs.

What are Christians Overcoming Cancer's office location and mailing address?

COC is located in the Crossroads III Building of Campus View Blvd. Our address is 200 E Campus View Blvd, Suite 200, Columbus OH 43235. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 307133, Gahanna, Ohio 43230.

How is Christians Overcoming Cancer funded?

COC programs and services are funded as a result of generous tax deductible donations received from people and businesses. We are also funded from fund raising events hosted by COC and hosted by others.

I want to help people in active treatment, how can I donate to COC?

You can donate in support of COC programs and services in several ways. Please see the Giving Menu for details and a link to donate.

Does COC host ticketed event to raise money?

Yes, throughout the year COC hosts ticketed events to raise money in support of our programs and services. Please see “Events – COC hosted" for upcoming event details.

I am good at planning events, can I host one and donate to COC?

Yes. COC welcomes the support of those who want to host an event in support of our programs. All non COC hosted events benefit the Dollars Allocated to Assist program and services of COC.

What is the difference between a COC hosted event and a non-COC hosted event?

COC hosted events are considered “signature events" ones COC is known for an marketed fully using the Christians Overcoming Cancer logo and resources. Non COC hosted events are special events hosted by others in support of our programs and services thus this type event is marketed fully to be in support of the Dollars Allocated to Assist programs and services.

If I apply for assistance am I guaranteed to receive help?

Unfortunately since COC is solely funded off the donations of the public and business sector, we cannot and do not guarantee our ability to assist with financial relief requests.

Can I get assistance for the time period before and/or after “active" treatment?

No, COCs assistance is only available to cancer patients while they are in active cancer treatment.

How many times can I apply for emotional support or financial relief services?

While in active treatment emotional support and/or financial relief services can be applied for as often as a need presents itself.

I don’t live in Columbus, Ohio can I still get emotional support and/or financial relief services?

Yes, services are available to anyone in active treatment for cancer regardless of where they live.

Do I have to be a Christian to get help from the organization?

No, our services are provided to all cancer patients while in active treatment with respect, compassion, and without religious discrimination.

Where can I get an application to apply for assistance?

An application can be obtained on the COC website from the Dollars Allocated To Assist (DATA) page. One can also be obtained by calling the office at (614) 985-3750 to have one mailed to you or by requesting one via email from our Contact link.

What is the process for receiving assistance?

After an application for assistance has been requested, completed and returned to COC, patient information will be verified for “active treatment status" and for the accuracy of the dollar amount requested. Should COC have funds available to assist, a payment will be sent on your behalf to the appropriate creditor.

Can people volunteer to help with COC hosted events?

Yes, people are welcomed to volunteer for COC hosted events based on our need and their availability to volunteer.

How can I become a volunteer?

By going to the Contact Us page and submitting and email through the Volunteer Opportunities link. Upon receipt, we will add your name to our volunteer list and contact you as needs arise.