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Dollars Allocated to Assist

FINANCIAL RELIEF is vital to the OVERALL STABILITY of a cancer patient.

We believe that Dollars Allocated to Assist (DATA) is the missing link to increasing the number of people who seek treatment early and/or at all. Our belief is that if a person knows of an organization that is ready to help them meet "personal non-medical" financial obligations as needed while in treatment, they will be more willing to seek treatment.

The program is two-fold: Firstly, DATA serves as a service information resource for cancer patients. We have developed and are maintaining a database of services available specifically to cancer patients. Secondly, the program serves as a financial resource maintaining two funds to financially assist those in active cancer treatment.

1 The General Cancer Fund provides monies for cancer patients who experience financial challenges while in active treatment. Download a printable application

2 The Mark Hudson II Fund provides monies to assist families who have a child in active cancer treatment. Download a printable application

Our ability to offer needed financial assistance is 100% based on the tax deductible donations received through our fund raising activities and our continuous giving campaign. Individuals making donations, whether monthly or one-time, become members of The Overcomer's Army. The Army is comprised of individuals committed to standing in the gap financially for those who are in the toughest battle of their lives.

Over the past three years, COC has provided financial relief services to individuals from 31 states and 2 countries. COC has received referrals from other cancer organizations such as the Susan G Komen Foundation, American Cancer Society,, Patient Advocate Foundation and from hospitals and social workers across the country.